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Why cross-promote?

   Sell more products
Get new revenue streams that add to your existing profits.

   Make more impact
More sales means you're helping more people.

It's almost 100% done-for-you. We'll do it all except for what only you can do.

   Low risk
Don't owe us anything until there's a profit.*

   Small investment
Primarily contribute assets that you already have, along with zero or some capital.

   Low distraction
It won't pull you from your priorities too often or require too much mental effort.

   Little overhead
Ongoing labor and hard costs will likely be zero or small.

   You keep control
You decide how the project develops.

  How it works

  Step 1
We'll identify a product you have (optimally one with proven marketing materials) that can be used in a cross-promotion with another purpose-driven company. You should be able to scale up fulfillment of your product, assuming the promotion succeeds.

  Step 2
We'll use our connections, time, and expertise to bring in a promotional partner. They'll have a potential sales channel for your product (e.g. their customers are in your market) and they'll share your vision for making a difference in the world. They won't be a competitor.

  Step 3
We'll do the work to setup and launch a cross-promotion that aims to bring you new product sales. We'll handle all the details to arrange the partnership, maintain a clear line of communication between partners, find answers to questions, clear up confusion, integrate systems, customize promotional content, setup the schedule, track performance, fill in the gaps, cross the t's and dot the i's, and ensure follow-through.

Any promotion you do and the way in which relationships are handled reflects back on you and your brand, and so we take this responsibility very seriously. Let us ensure that things are done the right way.

The result is a turnkey co-marketing partnership that builds your business, brings your product and brand to a wider audience, and makes a better world.

If you want to make more impact and get new profit centers, this a powerful strategy.

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  Case Study

We created a partnership between us, 2 corporate businesses, dozens of small businesses, and dozens of Native American governments.

Total revenue: Over $1.9 million.

Total positive impact: Space for up to 1600 beds (via business efforts) and 15,000 beds (via advocacy efforts) for homeless individuals.

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  Example Promotion

Let's explore an example cross-promotion between us, you (a product company), and a 3rd partner (a product company).

The cross-promotion would be sent out using a custom-tailored version of the marketing campaign you provided (including a direct sales offer), via email or postal mail to the 3rd partner's customer list. Sales performance would be tracked and available to all parties, and you would handle fulfillment of product sales.

As with any partnership, we'd combine resources from all partners to create it. Here's a breakdown of the resources that each partner might contribute:

  Our resources:
  Partner Relationship
We'd start by bringing in the 3rd partner. In this example, this would be a company that sells a product that makes a positive-impact. However, they're not your competitor. Instead, their customers are likely to be in the market for your product. We'll arrange to promote your product to their customer base.
  Time & Labor
We'll contribute our time and labor to arrange communication between partners, customize the marketing campaign's copywriting to suit the customer profile of the partner, setup the mechanics to track sales and report them to all parties, setup a schedule that works for all partners, and work with the distribution partner to ensure that all goes well in sending out the promotion to the customer list. We'll do as much of the labor as possible, so you don't have to.
This promotion will be the highest of priorities for us, and we'll use our know-how and experience to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. We'll do our best to ensure that things reflect well on your company and brand.
  Your resources:
Say you have a product that is selling well, and you can easily scale fulfillment. This is the first resource you could contribute.
  Marketing Campaign
Say you also have a direct-marketing campaign for the product that sells well. This is the second resource you could contribute.
  3rd Partner's resources:
  Customer List
The partner's will have a list of customers that fit your customer profile. This means they're likely to soon be or already be in the market for your product. Running a promotion to this list is a targeted marketing campaign.
  Customer Relationship
Being a positive-impact company that provides quality goods, they've built trust with their customers. This means that their customers are likely to listen when they endorse your product, which increases conversion rates.

With that you have a cross-promotion that sells your product to the customers of another product company, bringing you an influx of sales and a new set of potential repeat customers.

  Have more questions?

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 What's in it for you?

You potentially get an easy moneymaker that brings in new profits via additional product sales, and a potential for repeat purchases from new customers. All without taking much risk or doing much work.

 What's in it for us?

We share in any of the partnership's profits, which keeps us focused on bringing you results.


Ready to cross-promote?

To ensure the best chance of success, we only work on a limited number of promotions at a time. Therefore, we have an application process that helps discover if we're a fit.

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*From our lawyers: Terms may vary depending on the project and agreement.